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Permit Fishing Tips from The Pro’s

Fishing in Biscayne Bay in the summer months is one of my favorite times to fish for permit and this will continue to be good all the way through December.

I consider fishing for permit to be an art form. You really have to put the time in and learn their patterns and feeding behavior. This is something that takes years of being on the water to really get dialed in on permit fishing.

Biscayne Bay Permit

Biscayne Bay Permit

Tides are the most important detail you need to learn when looking for permit. If you’re late on the tide as little as 10-20 minutes, you better off moving to another spot. This also depends on the tidal flow your having for that day. Some days you have week tides, and others you have stronger tides. So being knowledgeable on how tides work is the key.

When you think you have the tides and patterns figured out, now you need to learn how to catch them. You can catch them on flies, jigs, shrimp, and crabs.

The right presentation is the key regardless of what tackle your using. Making the right shot the first time is always going to increase your chances at a hook up. Sometime you get a second and maybe even a third shot at a permit or group of permit, but that’s not always the case.

MIami Permit Fishing

Miami Permit Fishing


Practicing as much as you can with your cast especially with your accuracy will put you on top of the game.

To many people that book a trip with me for the first time and want to fish for permit and bonefish come unprepared. I always mention to my customers to practice before their trip so that they feel confident and ready for a good day on the water.

Put the time on the water and practice as much as you can, and I guarantee that you will become a better sight fisherman overall.

Permit Fishing

Permit Fishing in Miami, FLorida

If your looking to come down to Miami and fish beautiful Biscayne Bay in search for Permit, give me call.


Capt. Raul Montoro

Shallow Tails Guide Service, Inc.