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Permit Fishing Biscayne Bay Florida:Big Tides Lots Of Permit.

The permit fishing this past week in Biscayne Bay has been on fire! The big tides have had the permit in good numbers pushing up on the flats looking for food. There have also been some big bull sharks and lemon sharks on the same flats that we have been permit fishing on.

Biscayne Bay Permit

Biscayne Bay Permit

On almost every good size shark there has been schools of big yellow jacks up to 15 lbs following these sharks and they are lots of fun on light tackle or fly. The yellow jacks have been so big that they sometimes look like permit. Don’t be surprised if you do see a permit or a group of permit following a big bull shark, as they would do on back of sting rays. If shark fishing is your thing there are plenty of big ones out their too wrestle with.

Dany with brother Mike Biscayne Bay Permit

Dany with brother Mike Biscayne Bay Permit

The bone-fishing still remains strong early in the morning and late afternoon. In between we’re permit fishing through out the afternoon.

Capt. Raul With Dany's Second BiscayneBay Permit

Capt. Raul With Dany’s Second BiscayneBay Permit

Flamingo has been red hot with snook and redfish in shallow water. If fun fishing, casting soft plastics or flies is your thing flamingo is a great place to go. It’s hot and the bugs are bad, but the fishing is hot!

I have some day’s open this week before the long weekend. We have good weather and good tides for bonefish and permit. Take advantage of it and let me help you catch a permit or a bonefish that you will never forget.

-Capt. Raul Montoro