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Miami’s Biscayne Bay| Bone fishing Report

One of my favorite times to bonefish in the winter months is a couple of days just after a cold front. This may vary from front to front, but typically two to four days after can be some of the best winter bone fishing to be had.

There are many factors that have to come together, water temps, air temps, and visibility. Typically post frontal conditions provide us with blue bird skies and calm winds. This is perfect for sight casting to bonefish on the flats of Miami’s Biscayne Bay. We target them with fly tackle as well as conventional tackle. That choice is up to the anglers on how they would like to challenge themselves.

We cant forget about one of the most underrated flats species we have, the mighty Barracuda. We can typically catch them all year, but my favorite time is now through March. Barracuda like to school up on the flats and soak up the sun. They also like to feed on needle fish as well as ballyhoo that tend to be on the flats. The best way to target them is on light spin tackle, and we use custom lures with a fast retrieve to entice the bite. Barracuda can also be targeted with fly tackle. Typically a long sixty to ninety foot cast is what it takes as well as a fast retrieve using a two hand strip is what it takes to get a bite.

So far for the week, my anglers have landed over forty bonefish between fly and spin tackle. We have a few days left for this month, give us a call and lets go chase some bones.

Biscayne Bay Bonefish
Miami Bonefish
Biscayne Bay Bonefish
Miami Flats Barracuda