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Miami Permit Fishing End Of Summer Fishing Report

Coming off of tarpon season fishing straight through July chasing silver AKA (TARPON), I was really looking forward to summertime permit fishing.
Permit fishing is one of my favorite fish to target on any kind of tackle, and this summer in Miami’s Biscayne Bay was an epic permit season. From late July through the end of September my clients and I released 32 permit and this was a mix between fly-fishing and spin fishing with live crabs.

For the anglers who like to permit fish know that permit is one of the most challenging fish to catch on any tackle. The right cast and presentation and days on the water are everything. For those of you who fished with me this summer and put the time in were notably rewarded.

When it comes to permit fishing there are days where you can have many shots throughout the day, and there are days where you only have a few shots. Putting the time and fishing at least two to three days is the key in being successful at permit fishing. The same goes for bonefish and Tarpon.

The permit fishing will continue through the fall and into early winter and then pick up again late February- March. There is still plenty of permit to be caught and I have some days available for the month of October and November. To book some days, give me a call and lets talk permit.

I want to thank all my customers who fished with me this summer and I look forward to chasing some permit again soon.
Attached are just a couple of pics from this summer.

Permit Fishing

Juan from Miami with a giant Biscayne Bay Permit

Permit Fishing

Miami, Florida permit fising

Permit Fishing

Lots of little permit around in Biscayne Bay

Fly fishing for Permit

Emanuel from Panama with his largest fly caught permit to date