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Miami Flats Fishing Report Late Fall-Winter 2016

It’s that time of year where I’m fishing many different locations on any given day. Since I’ve been fortunate to be a Miami native and fishing Miami to the Lower Keys, and Everglades National park most of my life, I can offer my customers many different options.

One day we can be fishing in Biscayne Bay for bone fish and we have beautiful sunny skies and fish are moving good. On another we can be deep in the back country of the everglades looking for tarpon on that perfect winter calm warm day and casting flies at rolling and laid up fish.

Another day the weather changes and a front moves through. Then we are hiding out from the wind in some remote area in the everglades casting lures to mangrove shorelines for Snook and Redfish. And other times we can have a live well full of live bait and fishing finger channels and inshore wrecks for grouper, snappers, yellow Jacks, and more in Biscayne Bay.

There is never a week in the winter where I am just fishing one location. You have to go to where the fish are and make adjustments throughout the week. You never know what old man winter throws at you, and you have to be ready to make adjustments.


I get question all the time, and I just wanted to let people know what my options are and what kind of fishing I offer. It seems that most people do not take the time and read and search through my website for information. Everything is on my website from where we fish, to cost, season, species, season, charter Info, what to bring, tarpon season, fly fishing/spin fishing and more.

But one of the things I get the most from customers when booking a trip is, I don’t fly fish. It seems that maybe some customers might be intimidated by the fact that I only fly fish and not sure whether to call me or not.

 This is probably my fault because I do show allot of photos of people catching fish with a fly rod. I also prefer to only fly fish for tarpon during April-June, but just to clarify I cater to all anglers from beginners to experience no matter what tackle. Choosing the tackle is up to the customer. I have anglers who only fly fish and others who only spin fish. I also have plenty of customers who have never fished a day in there life.

So if you decide to book a trip with me, I cater to everyone no matter you’re your experience levels are, or tackle you prefer to use. You can call me anytime as well and I can help answer any question you may have. Best time to call me is after 4:00 pm. This is when I’m usually getting off the water.

Also If I cannot get back to you right away, please take the time and go over my website, because all the information you will need is on there except for a calendar. I’m booking trips everyday and it’s hard to keep up and update my website for available dates.

For daily fish catches please look me up on Instagram under Captraulmontoro.

Thank you for visiting my website,

Captain Raul Montoro



Winter Tarpon Fishing

Snook Fishing

Large Everglades Back Country Snook


Deep in the Everglades catching winter snook


December Bone fish


Winter bone fishing in Biscayne Bay


More winter Bone fish in Miami


Big Biscayne Bay Inshore Grouper

Mutton Snapper

Biscayne Bay Mutton snappers in December

Yellow Jack

Hard fighting Yellow Jack are hard to beat.