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Miami Fishing: Migrating Tarpon Arrive & Bonefishing Is Good & Getting Better

With the weather starting to warm up this can only mean one thing, Tarpon, Tarpon, and more Tarpon. The migrating tarpon have started to show in Biscayne Bay with the warm weather we’ve been having. It’s still not in full affect yet, but I’ve been seeing several schools while bonefishing the ocean side flats. In about two weeks it should be in full swing. The early morning tarpon fishing in Miami’s Government Cut and late evening has been excellent as long as the wind is not blowing too hard.

Bonefishing has remained strong and only going to get better. It’s been a little breezy, but with clear sunny skies the fish has been easy to spot in the deeper water. Most of the fish have been caught in 2 to 4 feet and mudding really well.

The permit fishing has slowed down a bit due to them spawning off shore, but there still day’s where we’ve had plenty of shots while bone fishing.

Now is the time to book a trip because the tarpon are here and the bone fishing is on fire.