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Miami Bone Fishing Guide 2020

I hope everyone up north is staying warm with all the snow hitting all around the US right now. I can tell you that we haven’t had much of a winter up until this past week where we saw temperatures in the low forties.  That only lasted about one day, and it’s been mid 60’s through mid 70’s most of the days.

We actually needed a few cold fronts to move through to get our winter patterns going. It seemed like our bone fishing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay wasn’t in full winter patterns up until last week and this week.

Sure enough the water temperatures dropped slightly and the bone fishing was as good as it gets. The Bone fish moved out to slightly deeper water and schooled up in big numbers. Our average fish were from five to eight pounds with lots of ten pound fish swimming in some of these schools as well.

We are catching them on flies, spin tackle using bone fish jigs as well as live shrimp.  Whether your a spin fisherman or fly fisherman, we do it all no matter what tackle you prefer to use.

I also want to let my viewers know that there are allot of part time fishing guides starting to appear out of the blue and charging less money for a days fishing then most full time guides like myself charge.

  These are people who are from out of town only fishing a short season down here or guys who have full time jobs guiding on the weekends or on their days off.  There are also several online booking sites with plenty of part time fishing guides taking away our local business here in South Florida, especially in Miami and the Florida Keys.

Stay away from these booking sites and part time fisherman who have no experience or time on the water. These people are not fishing on a daily basis like I do and many other local full time fishing guides.  You can book and choose who you want, but you also get what you pay for.

Do your research and fish with a full time local. My phone is always on and feel free to call me anytime. If I Don’t answer the phone right away, it’s because I’m on the water and at times I’m out of range.


Capt. Raul Montoro


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Miami Bone fishing with Capt. Raul Montoro

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