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Miami Biscayne Bay Guide Bonefish Report

I’ve been on the water everyday this month and haven’t had much time keeping up with my fishing report, but here is a quick report of what going on.

It’s springtime and this can only mean one thing, tarpon fishing. I’ve been tarpon fishing and bonefish, and permit fishing from Biscayne Bay to Islamorada. The tarpon fishing overall has been great except for a few days of tougher conditions. This is typical for April, where you’ll have several great day’s of good weather and fishing, and a couple of windier days making the fishing harder fly fishing for tarpon.

On the windier days I’ve been chasing bonefish in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Yesterday was a great day with lots of bonefish with lots of opportunities. We had the right tides and heavy winds and that is the secret recipe for big bonefish. My angler yesterday Adam form North Carolina landed his first ever bonefish and it so happened to be where the big fish live, Biscayne Bay.

Adam’s bonefish was 12- pounds on scale and now Adam is hooked, he landed a bonefish of a lifetime. There are people who travel all over the Bahamas and the world to catch maybe a 5 pound fish on the big side, but if you want trophy’s you need to fish Biscayne Bay.

If you’re booking a bonefish trip and you’ve never done flats fishing or sight fished before, you need to understand that this kind of fishing is not a numbers game. We are out there hunting them down, seeing them, and then making the right cast. This is the same whether we are spin fishing or fly fishing for bonefish.

I fish people from all over the world and most people never have to cast at a moving target. This is why I always recommend booking at least two or three days if you want to be successful at this sport.

Adam now understands what this game is all about after seeing lots of fish throughout the day, and he finally got it done at one of the last shots of our trip. Adam you did great Job, way to stick it out with me out there.

I only have one day left open in April 4/25 and I still have some open dates in May and June. If you want in on the action, give me a call soon because dates are filling up fast.

Capt. Raul Montoro

Biscayne Bay 12 pound bonefish