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Islamorada and Biscayne Bay Fishing Report|Tarpon,Redfish,and Snook

It’s been a while since I’ve posted up some new pictures, and it’s been due to really having no time. I’ve been on the water pretty much everyday in the last four months and I must say I’m worn out. Luckily I took today Memorial Day off here in beautiful Islamorada in the Florida Keys. I got some much-needed rest and also had time to straiten out some of my tackle and gear for my next stretch in June.

I’ve been In Islamorda primarily Tarpon fishing along with a few days of redfish and snook fishing In Flamingo Everglades as well. Overall, this fishing has been stellar and will stay this way through out the whole summer.

I have a few days left in June if you’re thinking of coming down. Give me a call to go over what I have available.

PS: I’m still waiting on several tarpon pictures and videos from my customers. You know who you are.

Capt Raul Montoro
Shallow Tails Guide Service