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Flamingo Everglades National Park Fishing Report:Lots Of Snook And Redfish

Recap from yesterdays post. I fished out of Flamingo Everglades National Park Yesterday, a nice change from tarpon fishing that I’ve been doing for the past couple of months.

Dan with a Flamingo Snook

As I was waiting for my customers to arrive, I was rigging up my tackle to do some redfishing on the flats. I’m all done setting up the rods as I see them stroll down the dock. I only take out two anglers at a time, but not today! They threw me a curve ball and brought a third.

Gino with his First Flamingo Redfish

I really hate fishing three people, especially when I’m not aware of it. I took a deep breath, and just went with it. At this point my game plan was out the door, and had to come up with a new one.

Randy with his first Flamingo Snook

Randy with his first Flamingo Snook

I brought out and dusted off the cast net and filled the well up with plenty of pinfish for a day of chucking baits.

The day started off with a slot size snook and at this point, I new it was going to a good day. Ended up with 18 snook and 22 redsfish and lost another dozen snook to structure or angler error.

It was a great day in the glades and I had blast fishing with Gino, Randy, and Dan even though it was a little tight on the skiff.