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Flamingo Everglades Fishing Guide Fishing Report | Whitewater Bay Red-fishing

Since Hurricane Sandy hit south Florida, I’ve been on the water a few day’s a week mainly in Flamingo Everglades National park. I’ve been fishing some areas I haven’t been to in a while where the fresh water meets the salt.

This is the time of year where in the interior bays of Everglades National Park you can find all sorts of species from fresh water large mouth bass along with snook and redfish. We found juvenile tarpon, and when I mean juvenile anywhere form 2 to 10 pounds. These are loads of fun on top water flies and light spin tackle.

The snook fishing has come along way from the bad freeze we had a few years ago. It seems like on almost every point in the backcountry we are catching one or two and then we move on to the next one. There has also been several snook on the flats out front of Flamingo where we are catching them on top water plugs and soft plastics as well as flies.

I know I say this in my last few reports, but the red fishing right now is world class. From sight fishing them on the flats or fishing them in creeks and motes around the islands with bait, they are just everywhere.

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Capt. Rau Montoro


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