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Fishing Flamingo Florida: Tarpon, Redfish And Black Drum All Over The Place

Pair of slot flamingo redfish

Fished Flamingo the past few day’s and the fishing was hot Thursday and Friday, but Saturday the winds picked up and blew allot of the water off the flats making sight fishing a little tuff. There are plenty of small tarpon around the channels out front of flamingo between 5 and 20 pounds. There was a shrimp hatch going on and the tarpon were eating shrimp flies and artificial lures really well. Plenty of redfish and black drum on the flats tailing in thick grass witch made it difficult at time to make them see our plastic baits with their nose way deep in the mud. Over all it was a good three day’s on the water this week and I’ll be back at it in the next few days.

sight fishing black drum

black drum

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