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fall inshore fishing tips in MIami

In Miami, we don’t have your typical change in seasons like you would in other parts of the world, and when it comes to fishing in the fall, it’s allot like our summer patterns except for the tides.

October and November have the largest tides of the year, especially during the new and full moons. This year we had the super moons that brought extra large tides and filling up the flats with more water then normal.

The larger tides tend to make the bone fishing more challenging due to the amount of water that stays on the flats. During the low tides, the water never gets low enough to where the bonefish have consistent patterns, or move on what I call their highways.

Although the bone fishing can be on the slower side, the Permit fishing is phenomenal along with the baby tarpon fishing and your occasional big tarpon in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

During the fall patterns, the baitfish start to work there way into Biscayne Bay and the tarpon are not far behind them. We have the fall mullet migration that starts off the coastline of Florida and eventually work their way into the bay and this makes it great for tarpon fishing.

We also get schools of Pilchards/ Razor Bellies; they’re a type of white bait. Usually when you find the bait you will find the tarpon. During the fall I’m constantly looking for bait when I’m searching for tarpon and one of my favorite ways to catch them is with a fly rod. The smaller tarpon love to eat flies and they are a blast on an 8WT fly rod. For the non-fly anglers, we use artificial baits and on occasion small crabs.

The larger fall tides also bring in allot of blue crabs into the bay and the blue crab is the permit favorite food source to eat. When I’m not fly fishing with clients, I make sure to have at least a half a dozen crabs in my live well ready to go.

It is still very warm in Miami, Florida and it seems like our winter is going to be a warm one as well. As long as it stays warm, I’ll be chasing permit and tarpon in Biscayne Bay.

Tarpon, Fly Fishing, Miami, Capt Raul Montoro

Tarpon on fly

MIami, Florida, Biscayne Bay, Tarpon, Fly fishing

Juvenile Tarpon Fishing


Fly fishing, tarpon, MIami, Florida, Biscayne Bay, Capt Raul Montoro

Baby Tarpon in the Fall


Biscayne Bay Permit

Biscayne Bay Permit

Permit, Miami, Flats, Biscayne Bay, Capt Raul Montoro

Miami Flats Permit

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