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Everglades Fishing Is Hot Summer 2019

The fishing out of Flamingo Everglades National Park this summer has been as good as it gets.  Snook fishing on the grass flats has been one for the record books and only going to get better leading into the fall.

There are plenty of juvenile to medium size tarpon around on the flats and up the coast line along the mangroves and eating flies and artificial baits using spin tackle as well. Tarpon fishing has been most productive during the early morning hours when they are more active. Using top water flies or walk the dog surface lures has been getting explosive bites. Once they stop feeding on top, a mid surface bait has been doing the trick.

The red fish bite has been getting better and better every time I make it to the Everglades. Fishing for red fish is a great to start site fishing if you’ve never done it before.  Red fish are pretty forgiving and they are a great fish to practice your accuracy casting whether using a fly rod or spinning rod.

It’s hard to beat the summer fishing in the Everglades right now, with multiple specices to target and the scenery is unlike anything else you have ever seen before.

If you looking to book a day of fishing, give me a call and let get after it.

Capt. Raul Montoro



Snook fishing

Fly fishing for Everglades Snook

Tarpon Fishing

Fly fishing for tarpon

Snook Fishing

Fly fishing for Everglades Snook

Everglades Fishing Report, Everglades Fishing Is Hot Summer 2019

Keven with one of his largest Snook on artificial

Everglades Fishing Report, Everglades Fishing Is Hot Summer 2019

One of Keven’s red-fish from a great day of fishing

Everglades Snook

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